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Here are listed some third-party software for Android, used/recommended by author of this site.

Top Picks

  • ClockSync - great NTP client for Android (with automatic synchronization on rooted phones). Allows to keep clock accurate - a set and forget (about clock drifting) solution.
  • AdAway - application for blocking ads in websites and other applications.
  • AdFree - another application for blocking ads in websites and applications.
  • Spirit FM Unlocked - hardware FM radio (allows to listen built in FM radio on supported phones even on ROMs without FM radio app).
  • BetterBatteryStats - utility that displays detailed information about battery usage (see application's website for instructions).
  • Titanium Backup (Pro key) - great application and application data backup utility for rooted phones.
  • SMS Backup & Restore Pro - utility for backing up (and restoring) SMSes in XML format.
  • kTool - allows to easily back up EFS on several Samsung devices.
  • eMMC Brickbug Check - checks for possibility of "spontaneous bricking" on several Samsung devices.
  • SuperSU (Pro key) - Superuser alternative by Chainfire.
  • Greenify (Pro key) - battery saving tool that "hibernates" selected applications when they are not in foreground.
  • Storage Analyser - tool that displays space usage (and file count) by folders.
  • Birthdays - notifier for contact birthdays (and other contact events).
  • Prefixer - tool that allows to conditionally modify numbers being called. Can be used to automatically prefix local numbers with country code while roaming.
  • CSipSimple - an easy to use and stable SIP client (softphone) for Android.
  • COL Reminder (Pro key) - great reminder software.
  • ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do - a great notes/notepad app for Android.
  • KeePassDroid - unofficial KeePass port for Android.
  • RealCalc Plus - scientific calculator.
  • Sundroid Pro Sunrise Sunset - astronomical application that offers beautiful (and precise) sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset widgets.
  • TapeMachine - sound recording app.
  • TeamViewer QuickSupport - allows Android devices to receive remote support via TeamViewer.
  • GotYa! - security tool that makes pictures via front camera (and automatically sends them via e-mail) when wrong screen unlock combination is entered.
  • Call Recorder (Trial version) by skvalex - a call recording application capable of recording calls "from the line" (instead of recording both parties from microphone) using it's kernel, CAF and ALSA methods. Before downloading/using this application ensure that call recording is legal in your country!
  • MAPS.ME – Offline Map & Routing - free offline maps application. Excellent for travels.
  • Private Tunnel VPN - official Private Tunnel privacy and security VPN service client for Android. Can be used to encrypt data while using public WiFi networks.
  • AFV File Verifier for Android - tool for calculating/verifying SHA-1, MD5 and other hashes of files.
  • App Quarantine (Pro version) - tool for quick and convenient disabling of applications (e.g. social network clients) to prevent them from being unnecessary started by other applications.


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