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My name is Dāvis Mošenkovs, I am an IT engineer. My projects are mainly hosted on Linode. Some other third party services (e.g. and KeyChest) are also used.

Besides I am doing pro bono hosting for (in my opinion) meaningful projects (and free hosting for a few other sites).

Carbon emissions should be (more than completely) compensated by donations to forestation (and forest protection) projects.

Estimated power usage Period Compensated CO2 equivalent Compensated via
<< 120 W 2013.01.01. - 2017.12.31. 3,75 tons Trees for All (certificate)
<< 120 W 2018.01.01. - 2027.12.31. ~ 8 tons (40 trees planted) The Foundation (certificate)


Uptime stats for a few websites (uptime of different hosted websites may vary a little bit) are available here, here and here.


If you have noticed any security issues/vulnerabilities or abuse of my servers (or websites hosted), please contact me by e-mail ASAP! In most cases I will react within 30 days (in many cases - within 48 hours or less). In the e-mail please describe the issue (if possible, give CVE numbers or links with more info) and mention the affected URLs or IP addresses.